Friday Afternoon Invoicing

Alisa BonsignoreIt’s Friday afternoon as I write this, my dear freelancers, and that can mean only one thing: Friday Afternoon Invoicing.

I know that conventional wisdom tells us to set aside a morning, preferably early in the week, for handling our business and administrative tasks. I’ve learned that I prefer to split that time into two parts.

Early on Monday mornings, often before the rest of my family is awake, I eat the frog. That’s when I tackle the less pleasant tasks, the ones that would otherwise clutter my to-do list for the week and make me crazy. It could be something as simple as ordering more toner for my printer, or it could be something I dread completely, like arguing with Comcast about billing. Again.

But Fridays are reserved for the triumphant – albeit slightly tedious – tasks. I generate and submit my invoices before the weekend to get the 30-day clock ticking as soon as possible. I also use this time to plan my calendar for the following week. Can I schedule a lunch meeting on Tuesday? Does Client X anticipate getting the next round of revisions to me early in the week? Just doing a quick check-in helps me to avoid being blindsided on Monday.

I also do a good amount of blogging on Fridays. By the time Friday afternoon rolls around, I have a week’s worth of ideas cluttering my brain. Writing on Fridays helps me to clear my head and transition into the weekend.

What are your techniques for managing the administrative aspects of your business?

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