Getting your client to pay what your work is worth

I hear many creative professionals complain that their clients don’t value the creative work they do and therefore won’t pay what it’s “worth.”

In part 1, How To Think About Money, of my 3-part webcast series which starts this Thursday, Feb 10 (sign up here), I will be elaborating a few ideas about selling the value of your services (including a few excellent ideas from the recent Accidental Creative podcast interview with Josh Kaufman, author of Personal MBA. Thanks, Bryn!)

Here’s one idea to start thinking about:

There is much hand wringing around the idea of getting
“what you’re worth” or “what you deserve.” In fact, there is
nothing objective about it. Value itself is both subjective and
subject to change. What has value to you may have less or
more to a client. And what has value to one client today may
have more or less tomorrow because of any number of factors,
including a shift in their priorities, in the economy and
in what they perceive to be their options—most of this you
don’t control or even know about.

The key is using empathy to determine the value of your work to each your client and education ( to demonstrate your value over time.

(This is excerpted from the free sample chapter of my new book, The Creative Professional’s Guide to Money, which is now available in and other outlets.)