Have you been stiffed by a client?

If you’ve been stiffed by a client or have outstanding payments that are way past due, add them today to the World’s Longest Invoice, the latest project from our partner, Freelancer’s Union.

They launched this project yesterday and already there is over $7 million worth of unpaid bills to freelancers. And there are no laws to prevent clients from doing this because it costs money and time. No one has put the spotlight on this outrage — until now!

I’m sure there’s a lot more money you should have collected. Add your outstanding totals from deadbeat clients here today. The Freelancers Union will be delivering the invoice to lawmakers on May 22.

You can also join the #GetPaidNotPlayed conversation on Twitter with Freelancers Union founder @Sara_Horowitz.

Then come to the Creative Freelancer Conference in Boston this June 21-22, where you will learn best solopreneur business practices, including how to qualify prospects so you don’t do jobs for deadbeats in the first place! Details and registration here — and the early bird deadline is Monday, April 30.

5 thoughts on “Have you been stiffed by a client?

  1. Dan van Loon

    Are we being silly here? What profession has not been victimized by people who steal work from those they hire. Theft is as old as the human race. What do we expect our legislators in Washington to do for creative freelancers but let us cry on their shoulders and whine a little. We don’t need any more laws. We just have to work together as associates and friends in business and devise our own protections from bad people, as we are already doing. We’ve got to stop going to Washington for everything.

    1. Lynne

      Dan, you obviously have no idea how real life works. Freelancers and consultants should absolutely go to Washington with their issues. This is the only way things will get better.

      Laws succeed where the best intentions fail.

      1. Richard Fleming

        This is a serious issue, and greatly affects the economy. Laws are there to protect people; it isn’t complaining. 🙂 Lost Profit Damages actually have far-reaching ramifications, even for those outside the creative industries.

        CASE IN POINT: Internet piracy and plagiarism. “Free Ride” is a book that covers this in detail.

        Best Regards,
        Richard Fleming

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  3. Jason

    I agree with Dan…. there is nothing the politicians can do about forcing clients to pay. it will me another law that is randomly enforced, and very confusing. I have been freelancing for almost 3 years and have had my share of unpaid invoices. The way I get around it is by having my clients put a deposit(50 to 100%). It’s that simple. If we take responsibility for our own profits, then we cannot blame anybody but ourselves. It is ridiculous to think that some government goon can force a deadbeat client to pay. In response to Richard… even with laws against software piracy, it still happens, so your point proves how useless a law would be in forcing a client to pay.