How to get paid what you’re worth

Ilise BenunHere’s a short excerpt from a blog post by Peter Shankman (the brains behind Help A Reporter Out — check it out if thought leadership is one of your marketing tools).

As a speaker, Shankman went from charging nothing to charging big bucks…here are a few of his tips, which apply whether you’re selling yourself as a speaker, designer, writer or any kind of freelancer. He writes:

First and foremost: You can always come down in price. You can NEVER go up. If the client wants you, they’ll counter with their offer. In many cultures, the first offer is the opening to let you know that they’re interested – If you accept it, you’re looked way, way down upon. You can always come down from your initial price quote – but I don’t remember the last time you could go up: “OK, We accept your $15,000 keynote fee.” “Yeah, well, I’d now like to charge you $20,000.” Not gonna happen. You can always come down. You can never go back up.

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