Money-related events in NY and online

We’re trying something new.

In addition to the upcoming 4th Annual Creative Freelancer Conference in Chicago this June 23-24, 2011, we’re testing a pilot program of mini-events, presented by The Creative Group and sponsored by The Creative Freelancer Conference.

We’re kicking it off with a series of 3 interactive workshops I will give in the New York offices of The Creative Group.

The first one is this Wednesday, Feb 9 at 6 PM. And guess what? There is no charge. (Details and RSVP info here.)

The topic for the first session is How To Think and Talk About Money (based on my new book, The Creative Professional’s Guide to Money) and we’ll discuss many of those “money issues” that get in the way when you’re trying to become a successful freelancer.

If you’re not in NY, you can still learn about “money issues” by signing up for the 3-part webcast series, Take Control of Your Money, that starts on Thursday, Feb. 10.

And if you sign up for the series, you’ll receive the Creative Professional’s Money eCalendar as a thank you. Like the Marketing Mentor Marketing eCalendar, it will sync with your iCal, Google calendar, etc to remind you when to pay estimated taxes and other important financial deadlines.

So either way, you won’t miss out. Hope to see you either in person or online.