Need Help With Your Taxes?

ilise-new-thumbIt’s that time of year again…if you haven’t focused on your taxes, I hope you’re doing it now.

If so, we have some timely advice from our indie tax expert, June Walker, who will be speaking at CFC again this year on how not to cheat yourself!

Here’s how she starts her latest newsletter:

I’m crazy busy. You’re crazy busy. And April 15th is only a couple of weeks away. My DO BIN pile of client tax returns is overflowing. But I tell myself it’s OK. No need to panic. And I tell you the same thing: No need to panic. There are ways to make your tax time a little easier. Here are a few helpers.

For starters: File An Extension
Because of this year’s mad scramble at the IRS due to last-minute tax law changes I have urged all my clients to go for an extension.

Ignore the old husbands’ tale that filing an extension triggers IRS computer screens to flash “Audit this return!” Not so. An extension gives you more time to collect and review your material.    

There is more information on how to file an extension, how to pay if you owe the government, and why it is smart to file your return after April 15.  It’s here on my post File an Extension. It’s the smart thing to do.  

To apply for an Automatic Extension Form 4868 you must file for it by April 15. You can file online, by phone, or by mail. If you file an extension you have until October 15 to file your return.

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