[Podcast] Freelancer: Are You Cheating Yourself?

CFC 2013 logoDid you know that if you give flowers to your mother as a thank you for waiting for the UPS guy to deliver something to your office, you can deduct it as a business gift?

So says tax advisor to the self employed, June Walker, who will be back again at CFC 2013 (June 22-24, 2013 in San Francisco) to demystify the complex tax system for what she calls “brilliant, talented “indies” (that’s you!) who haven’t had taxes explained to them in the right way.”

Her CFC session is called “Creatively Legitimate Expenses: Don’t Cheat Yourself” and as part of our speaker podcast/interview series, I asked June why and how the creatively self employed cheat themselves when it comes to taxes.

“Confusion causes people to cheat themselves out of legit deductions,” she said. “The tax code was written for corporate employees, not the self employed. We don’t know how to take these regs and make them work for us. We need to adjust to the rules.”

June tells me there have also been big changes in the home office deduction for 2013 and the cell phone deduction for 2012, which she’ll go into in detail in her CFC session, as well as what she calls the “Indie power mindset.” (Listen to the interview here.)

In the meantime, check out her new book: The Confident Indie: A Simple Guide to Deductions, Income and Taxes For The Creatively Self-Employed on Kindle or in print. And sign up for her e-letter at www.junewalkeronline.com. And link to more of her blog posts here.

We’ll see June in June. Will you be there too?

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