Ready for April 15?

Now that St. Patrick’s Day is behind us (how many of you have a hang over?), it’s time to buckle down and focus on the next holiday on the calendar: April 15 Tax Day.

I just sent my paperwork off to my accountant. Have you? If that’s on your agenda for this weekend, here are some resources to help.

From Freelancers Union:

Tax Changes In 2011 from Freelancers Union on Vimeo.

More Resources here:

From June Walker, author of Self-Employed Tax Solutions: Worksheets for your 2011 taxes + more resources here:

Calculate your “self employment tax” here:

BTW: The authors of “The Money Book” will be speaking at the Creative Freelancer Conference, June 23-24, 2011 in Chicago (early bird deadline is April 1). If you’re in a bind this year, what you learn from them will prevent that from  happening in years to come…just a thought!

And don’t forget the Creative Professional’s Guide to Money!