Trouble Pricing Your Creative Services?

If pricing your creative services is one of your biggest challenges, you won’t want to miss today’s resource from one of the highest-rated CFC 2012 speakers, Sarah Durham of Big Duck.

Creating a pricing structure for your business can be tricky. Do you base your pricing on the value of your services, or is there another – better – metric?

Sarah Durham, principal and founder of Big Duck, a veteran firm that works exclusively with non-profits, is almost religious about basing her firm’s pricing on time tracking.

In her session at CFC 2012 (you can buy the recordings here), she shared the nitty gritty details of how her time-tracking structure works, and offered advice for implementing it in your own freelance business. She also explained how to realistically create estimates and manage pricing in a methodical way to make sure you end up profitable.

Plus, she shared resources for figuring out your hourly rate. If you aren’t sure if yours is accurate (or you just want to make sure), check it out here.

Lots more on how to price your services and talk with clients about money in Ilise Benun’s The Creative Professional’s Guide to Money: How to Think About It, How to Talk About It and How to Manage it.

What are you doing that’s working?

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