Trouble with money?

Ilise BenunIf anything related to money is one of your resolutions or “intentions” or goals for 2011, then sign up for my freebie kick-off webcast, to be held live (tomorrow!) Thursday, Jan. 13 at 4 PM Eastern. (And yes, it will be recorded so you don’t have to listen live.)

It’s called, The Creative Professional’s Guide to Money and it’s a companion to my forthcoming book of the same title (which you can pre-order here, BTW).

Thursday’s webcast is an overview of my upcoming 3-part series of webcasts (are you confused yet? if so, just sign up anyway and it will all be clear eventually) which will cover:

  • Feb. 10: How to Think About It (money)
  • Mar. 10: How to Talk About It (money again)
  • Apr. 14: How to Manage It (yes, that’s right, money)

In Thursday’s overview, you’ll hear me tell the story of “Dave,” a creative pro who failed to position his price before blurting it out and paid the price when his prospect recoiled in sticker shock!

I’ll also be giving one tip from each of the 14 chapters in the book, with lots of suggestions for language you can use when dealing with money (because that’s what people are constantly asking me for). Here’s an example:

When a prospect asks, “How much is a web site?” you can respond with “How much is a car?” (Read the entire blog post from Laurel Black on this.)

Join me tomorrow (or just sign up and you’ll also receive the recording to watch at your leisure). It should be fun….now let me get back to working on the presentation.

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