Initiating (instead of avoiding) “The Money Conversation”

We are overwhelmed by the email messages and thank you notes from CFC attendees gushing about what they learned at the conference last week. And while a lot of it is testimonial material, some of it is actually very instructive. Here, from Chicago-based, Natalia Botero-Nevin of Botero Design is one of those. Natalia took advice she heard at CFC and, instead of avoiding “the money conversation” with a brand new client a week after the event, initiated it! Read on to find out how it went. And if you have trouble with this issue, check out the CFC webinar series, “Taking Control of The Money Conversation.” It kicks off on Sept. 23. (And if you’re not free that day or time to listen live, all CFC webinars (past and future) are available to watch at your convenience). Details here:
"This year's CFC was simply amazing!  I attended last year, so I was a bit hesitant to attend this year again, but I am VERY glad I went. Even though some of the topics were similar, you and your business are different each year.  Last year, I'd been in business for less than a year and I felt very overwhelmed after I left the conference.  I tried to focus on a few things, including:

  • My contract (I didn't have one prior to CFC 08 – I know, pretty bad!  I have one now.)
  • Getting my website up and running (launched in December)
  • Charging what I was worth (I doubled my pricing after I left CFC 08) 

This year, I felt more confident and less frantic, so I was ready and open to other things.  This year I heard all about how to talk to clients about money (which didn't resonate last year), how not to hide behind proposals and to discuss them over the phone instead.   

I actually did that with a brand new client last week and I have to say that IT WORKS!!!  We spoke for an hour and I learned so much about her and her business.  By the end, I felt like I was talking to a friend rather than a brand new client and we ended the conversation with that "Heck, yeah!" Peleg was talking about.  It was great!   :)   

Yes, I won't lie, I was very afraid at first, but am I glad I did it.  I felt in control, and for once, I'm going to write a "recap" and not a "proposal."  She's thrilled and can't wait to start working with me, and I can't wait to work with her also!  This made me realize that this is why I started my own business, I love doing what I do, but I also love helping people like her start their own businesses and make their dreams a reality.”

Has anyone else taken control of the Money Conversation yet?