World’s Longest Invoice Goes to Albany

Last week, as promised, The Freelancers Union took the World’s Longest Invoice, worth almost $16 million dollars in uncollected funds, to the New York State legislature.

Sara Horowitz, founder of Freelancers Union, talked about it yesterday with Brian Lehrer of, callers called in with tips about how to prevent getting stiffed and commenters chimed in on the web site.

Listen to that 12 minute interview here.

And if you live in New York and want to do something that has an effect, here’s what Sara suggests:

Tell NY Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos to pass the Freelancer Payment Protection Act:
Twitter: @SenatorSkelos

One thought on “World’s Longest Invoice Goes to Albany

  1. Jason

    There is nothing the politicians can do about forcing clients to pay. it will be another law that is randomly enforced, and poorly written. I have been freelancing for almost 3 years and have had my share of unpaid invoices. The way I get around it is by having my clients put a deposit(50 to 100%). It’s that simple. If we take responsibility for our own profits, then we cannot blame anybody but ourselves. It is ridiculous to think that some government goon can force a deadbeat client to pay. Even with laws against software piracy, it still happens, so it proves how useless a law would be in forcing a client to pay.