10 tips for a better e-newsletter

E-mail marketing is like Chinese water torture, but less painful. It works drip by drip, message by message, reaching your most qualified prospects and showing them what you can do for them.

The goal? Staying on their radar so that when they have a need, they think of you and they already trust you. Familiarity breeds trust, and they know how to reach you.

In my article on HOW Design, Top 10 Tips for Your Design Business' E-newsletter, I share 10 simple guidelines to follow to help you revitalize your design business' e-news communique:

1. Tailor Your Content to Your Target Market.
While your e-newsletter is a self-promotional tool, it shouldn’t be all about you. Focus on your best prospects, on what they want to hear, what will be of value to them. Provide useful information. One way to come up with content: ask yourself, “What don’t they understand? What questions do they have about the work we do together?” There are bound to be more who also don’t understand and would appreciate clarification…

2. Keep it Short.

People don’t have time to read. They skim instead so don’t write too much. Make it as easy as possible for them to get your message. Two to three paragraphs are plenty, plus an image or two. That’s it…

3. Show Examples of Your Recent Work.
But don't just show pretty pictures. Help them understand how you work and how you solved a problem for another client just like them. Use a case study format to describe a challenging project and your solutions. Plus, your prospects want to see what their competition or others in their field are doing. If you are in a position to show that, go ahead.

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Have any tips for a dynamite e-newsletter?