5 Memorable Holiday Promotions

Yes, the holidays are a time to spread warmth and cheer. They also are a time to remind clients of the past, present and future that you are just a phone call or e-mail away for their business in the coming year.

Don’t miss the opportunity to put yourself out there, in whatever form, and show clients (both old and new) just how awesome you are. Here are four holiday self-promotions and one client promotion that have us talking:

1. The Gift That Really Does Keep on Giving
Firm: Monnet Design
Creative Team: Stéphane Monnet, creative direction/copywriting; Agnes Wong, design/illustration; DT Print Solutions, printer

Monnet Design Holiday PromotionThe group at Monnet Design has a unique approach to their gift-giving. They designed this charming mailer in one color on kraft paper that unfolds to answer the question posed: who did they give the gift to and what exactly is the gift?

“The idea of the card this year was to pair six common holiday gifts with six charities—we calculated how many of those gifts would equal the donation we made to each charity. The result was humorous gift/charity pairings and copy like ‘We donated the monetary equivalent of 7 deluxe fruit cakes to Amnesty International,'” says creative director Stéphane Monnet.

2. The Surprise Factor Still Exists
Firm: redpepper
Creative Team: Ryan Dunlap, developer; Danny McClain, designer/illustrator; Greg Privett, writer

I opened this e-mail from Carl Schulz with redpepper and almost fell out of my chair when I saw the below screengrab attached. I’d been Christmased by the website The Christmaser. Go on, give it a try. Type in your name and see if your picture comes up, too. “Our lab team created a little tool that will Christmas everything in its path, similar to what Midas did to gold,” says Schulz.

The Christmaser by RedPepper

Then, just type something silly, like ‘Christmas Poodle Guy’ and see the magic and bad perms unfold.

The Christmaser


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3. Dress Up That Bottle of Booz
Design Firm: 1 Trick Pony

In this past year’s Promotion Design Awards, New Jersey-based 1 Trick Pony caught the attention of judges with their much-loved “Alcoholidays” client gift. The crew wrapped bottles of their client’s favorite spirits in newspaper, custom designed with headlines, stories and fictional ads reminiscent of the prohibition era, inspired by HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire.”
1 Trick Pony Alcoholidays

1 Trick Pony Alcoholidays

4. Hand-Lettered Holiday
Designer: Linzie Hunter

Featured on the HOW Blog, are these hand-lettered series of cards by London-based illustrator and lettering artist Linzie Hunter.

Linzie Hunter Holiday Self-Promotion


Linzie Hunter Holiday Self-Promotion

5. Client Work That Speaks from the Heart
Brand New School, Hill Holliday

Brand New School and advertising agency Hill Holliday created a design-driven animation to support Bank of America’s charitable program. For every $1 given through the Gift for Opportunity fund before Jan. 9, Bank of America is giving $2.