9 ways to improve your e-newsletter

If you have an e-newsletter, that’s great – but it’s only half the battle. The ultimate goal is having an effective e-newsletter that actually gets read, shared, and remembered.

In the Marketing Plan Group, CFC 2010 attendee, Kathryn Grill Hoeppel, from Grill Graphic Design, came up with some excellent ideas on how to get a better response from her e-newsletter and she has allowed me to share it with all of you.

Some potential changes to improve opens, reads & responses:

1. Develop a shorter, more succinct subject line (try using the word YOU)
2. Shorter text overall
3. Ask for a specific response, and tell the audience HOW to respond.
4. Maybe include visuals of samples or examples
5. Solicit for topics that audience wants to read about
6. Personalized message/intro
7. Follow up with an additional email note to remind them the newsletter is available — short message.
8. Follow up with a phone call. TRY THIS with most important prospects & test prospects.
9. Archive newsletters on my website.

Do you have any tips to add? Have you tried any of these and seen results?