A Fearless, Cold-Calling Illustrator

P>Many creatives struggle with making cold-calls.  But anyone who had overcome the discomfort and made it part of their business surely knows the benefits. 

Luc Latulippe is a very popular illustrator– who seems to have no qualms about making cold calls. He claims that 99% of illustrators are sending out postcards to get new work, and he uses cold-calling as a way to stand out.  Luc even shares his script in this post.  (Thanks to Tim Read of 5 Fingers Creative for sharing this link.)

Could this unusual no-fear attitude towards cold calls account for Luc’s success?

If you want to learn how to do this yourself, watch for the Marketing Lab Workshop at the next Creative Freelancer Conference, August 26-28, 2009.

2 thoughts on “A Fearless, Cold-Calling Illustrator

  1. Louis

    It’s always very important, not just in these difficult economic times, to explore many different avenues to bring work in. Thank you to Luc Latulippe for sharing his insight on an approach that has been successful for him.

  2. Shiho Nakaza

    Hello Deidre,
    I enjoy reading your posts on Marketing Mentor, and stumbled upon this link through LinkedIn. Thank you for posting the tip from Luc Latulippe – as an illustrator who is searching for a way to do effective cold calls (which probably describes 99% of us), I find this very helpful.