A S.M.A.R.T routine for social media (Part 2)

Pam SaxonIf you recall from last week’s first post on this S.M.A.R.T routine, S was for “systematizing….


Monitoring your social media presence is a must, because you need to be able to respond to people who are talking about your brand and to get an idea as to how people are viewing your company. There is a common misconception that this can take up too much time, but there are definite ways you can do this with just a few clicks:

1.     Check Twitter for chatter about your company by doing a Twitter search for your company name, personal name, etc. (time spent: 2 minutes)

2.     Use tools like HootSuite or Twitter Search to determine what is happening in real-time.

3.     Scan Google Alerts (1.5 minutes): Set up your Google Alerts for your company name, products, executives or brand terminology. To do this, enter your search terms and select to receive updates as they happen  or once daily. Whenever people blog about you or your products, you will receive an alert and you can respond right away!

4.     Check Facebook stats (1 minute): Visit your Company Page’s Facebook Insights. This is found by clicking “see all” under Insights in the left column. Scan your Users and Interactions counts. If you are a member of a group, check to see if any new discussions started.

5.     Answer Industry-related LinkedIn questions (3 minutes): Search for questions on LinkedIn that either you or your company members can answer. Tip: Did you know that you can also set up an RSS feed for specific question categories to go to your Google Reader? When you find a relevant question, respond and include a link to your website.

6.     Use Google Reader to Check Flickr, Delicious, Digg and others (2.5 minutes): Also set up RSS feeds for searches on your company name and industry terms in other social media sites. Similar to monitoring LinkedIn and Twitter, your Reader will serve as a great place to centralize your other searches too!

How ’bout you? How are you systemitizing and/or monitoring your social media efforts!

Coming up in part 3: A is for Automate your blog posts and Tweets

Listen to BTW: [audio:http://iliseb.audioacrobat.com/download/6b1d9304-bac5-29c4-2d19-2943ba9fac50.mp3]

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