An Insider’s Guide to Getting Your Work Published

Let’s say you flip through the pages of Print or HOW or any illustration or photography annuals and think, “Wow, I’d like to have my work featured.” Getting published in the industry press is both easier and harder than you envision. As an editor, I can share a few tips, at least from HOW’s perspective:

  • Add industry publications to your mailing/e-mail lists. So simple, but most creative professionals don’t include the press in their promo efforts. It’s the easiest, cheapest way to keep editors informed of the work you’re doing. At HOW, we’re always on the lookout for new and interesting projects that we can post in the HOW Blog or publish in the magazine’s Behind the Design section.
  • Submit your stuff to professional competitions. These proliferate in the design, illustration and photography worlds. Build entry fees into your marketing budget, add entry deadlines to your marketing calendar and be very strategic about what you enter. Every quarter, spread out all your recently completed projects on a table and determine what you want to submit to design competitions. Of course, HOW has several design competitions; so do all the other design magazines. We peruse our own design annuals to find new talent to feature.
  • When you win, let people know about it. Create a special promo mailing for your clients. Take the client whose project won to lunch. Send a press release to other industry magazines and  blogs, and to your local business media.

I’ll have more tips on generating PR for your creative business in a later post …

One thought on “An Insider’s Guide to Getting Your Work Published

  1. Philip Martin

    Excellent advice. Also, if you write a press release, I recommend submitting it to a free online press release website like It’s free, the press release is hosted on their site, and it gets great search-engine visibility as well as a bunch of hits. They also have a way to search for press releases by city; it helps your release be seen by local news people and networking contacts, such as others posting their own releases and checking to see who else has news in their community. I recently won an award for The New Writer’s Handbook 2007, from ForeWord magazine’s Book of the Year Awards competition. I posted it on my blog ( Then wrote a release, sent it to my own press contacts, and also posted it at and got lots of hits. And there’s no cost! Also, PRLog allows you to maintain your own press room there (e.g.,, with all your past releases. Hope this helps! — phil