An RFP is like a mirage in the desert

Ilise Benun on your online marketing planA Request for Proposal (RFP) can be like a mirage in the desert. There’s a job out there on the horizon. You can see it, you can almost taste it. And if you get the proposal right, it could be yours.

But sometimes it turns out to be nothing more than a mirage and by then, you’ve wasted way too much time on a prospect who couldn’t afford your services and/or wasn’t a good fit.

If this rings true for you and you’ve done one too many proposals, join me this week for my new online course, How to Write a Winning Graphic Design Proposal.

This course will save you hours of time and lost profits by not only teaching you how to distinguish the mirage from the actual oasis, but also what a winning proposal needs to include and in what order.

Plus, each student in the course — which is done at your own pace over the course of 4 weeks — gets feedback from me on one of their existing proposals.

Sound like just what you need? Here are the details:

ONLINE WORKSHOP BEGINS: It’s not too late to join the course that started Aug. 27 — join now!
TUITION: $199.00 ($179 for Design Insiders)

More details and registration here.

And if you already know how to write a winning proposal but would like to see other designers’ winning proposals, check out the Designer’s Proposal Bundle.