Are You Getting Clients Through LinkedIn? Here’s how.

You are probably on LinkedIn (, the largest professional social network online. But are you actual using LinkedIn to find and reach out to your best prospects? Are you getting work through LinkedIn?

If not, you should be. It is the ideal place to find work, if it’s out there.

Join me on Thursday, March 15 at 2 PM Eastern for Are You Getting Clients Through Linked? Here’s how,  a DesignCast in which I will show you in detail which of the many features offered by LinkedIn are worth your time as a creative professional looking for clients. I’ll cover:

  • Your profile: what should be in it
  • Your Network: who should be in it or how to grow it
  • Your Groups: which ones to join and how to decide
  • Your creative portfolio (a.k.a. The widget) and other “LinkedIn apps”

I will use examples of my clients and other creative professionals who’ve found projects and other marketing opportunities on LinkedIn and show how you can too. Plus, I’ll answer questions like:

  • Is the free membership enough or should you upgrade to pay the monthly fee? What are the benefits?
  • Can you connect with people you don’t know? And if so, exactly how?
  • How much time should you spend on LinkedIn?
  • What are realistic expectations of what can come out of it?

If that’s what you need, sign up here.