Demonstrate that You’re The Expert

The web has made publishing a cinch, and there are many opportunities for designers with a literal bent to get articles published online. These are not self-promotion articles, mind you, but informational articles that position you as an expert in design, branding, copywriting or whatever your specialty is.

(MarcommWise) is one of these sites. Besides being an online directory of marketing and communications professionals (where listings are free, so get yourself listed), the site includes a “Knowledge Bank” of informational, how-to marketing articles. “Rather than simply listing in our ‘Vendor Directory,'” says Joel Klebanoff, who runs MarcommWise, “getting linked through an article offers the author a chance to prove his or her expertise in marketing communications.”

John Burgess of Werkhaus Design in Seattle posted his article “Design for Marketing: Building a Strategic Design Program” on MarcommWise with a link to his firm’s site, then used it as an opportunity to do a little e-mail marketing to his clients. He sent out a message with a link to the article, raising his profile a notch in the eyes of those who are already familiar with his work.

If your expectations for this kind of exposure are realistic—that it’s part of a campaign to increase your overall visibility and credibility rather than generate hot leads—you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the connections you can make.