Best of CFC: Sept 15 with Von Glitschka

If you didn’t make it to the Creative Freelancer Conference 2011, or if you did but didn’t get to ask questions after Von Glitschka’s session, Becoming a Hired Gun — it was one of the top-rated sessions! — join me on Sept. 15 at 4 PM Eastern, when this veteran freelance illustrative designer will re-present the highlights.

He’ll focus on how to develop your portfolio and build working relationships with larger firms as an independent creative. You’ll hear:

  • How Von priced a project for Nike
  • What to show (and what not to show) in your portfolio
  • How and where to share your work

But that’s not all. After a short presentation, we’ll go behind the scenes in a Q&A where I will ask the questions everyone wants answers to, such as, “How exactly do you get the work you really want?”

Here’s what creative freelancers said about Von’s presentation at CFC:
“It was a great combination of quality, relevant content and great execution.”

“I feel like he inspired me to go beyond just the work I do for my clients and put all of my work and what I love to do, out there for others to see.”

“Von’s was a good combination of practical advice for getting the work you want, as well as inspirational, and his presentation, visually, was a lot of fun!”

About the Presenter:
Von Glitschka has worked in the creative industry for more than 23 years. He currently heads up Glitschka Studios, a multidisciplinary creative group that works on illustrative design projects with ad agencies, medium to large design firms and in-house corporate art departments. His work has been appeared in Communication Arts, Print, HOW, Graphis and more.

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