Blog feeling like a slog?

We warmly welcome new guest blogger and CFC veteran, Genevieve Margherio, of Portland, Oregon-based, Red Lemon Creative.

I often see clients follow this pattern: get excited about the idea of blogging, work with me to set up a blog, add to it regularly at first, then quickly peter out to posting very rarely or never.

Here are a few tricks to help you stay on top of your blogging game:

1.     Keep a Topic Doc. Think of this as a grocery list for your blog, and add to it every time an idea crosses your mind. If you’re a pen-and-paper person, use a notebook. If you carry a Blackberry or iPhone, set up a designated list. If you’re glued to your computer most days, create a special Word doc.

2.     Set up Blogging Time on your calendar. Schedule a recurring appointment with yourself at at least once a week to work on your blog. At the beginning of Blogging Time, pull out your Topic Doc and start writing based on your ideas.

3.     Take advantage of being on a roll. Often when you get into the blogging groove, you can’t stop and before you know it you’ve written three. Don’t post them all now! Use your blog’s settings to create the posts, but set them to launch at regular intervals in the future.

4.     Goaaaaaaaal! Soccer fans know how to celebrate a goal. Celebrate your goals by sticking to them. If you’ve been off the blog wagon for a while, set a reasonable goal for yourself, then climb back on. Posting once a week is a good rule of thumb.

5.     Engage your readers. A blog is a two-way communication street. Encourage your readers to comment, and when they do, respond immediately.

(Read the rest here. And if you know a business that’s having trouble blogging, pass these tips along!)

2 thoughts on “Blog feeling like a slog?

  1. lidia varesco design

    I like your idea of “blogging time.” I have a goal to create a blog “editorial calendar” to keep myself on track. Though that’s still in progress. I have managed to create a listing of regular features to focus on, which helps to organize and write posts.

    Thanks for the tips and inspiration!

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