Celebrate Your Work—And Allow Us to Do the Same

We’re officially a week into 2016, and while you may (already) be tired of all the talk of fresh starts, goal setting and the like, there’s a reason so many people are into it: It can be pretty powerful stuff. Even the simple act of writing down the dreams you’re working toward this year can drive meaningful actions, as we’re sure former Print Designer of the Week Crystal Reynolds would agree.

But something often overlooked yet equally important (if not more important) is the act of reflecting on 2015—and truly celebrating. If you’re reflecting on the music, drinks and confetti from New Year’s Eve—hold up, and reflect on this instead: What did you learn in 2015? What did you create? Who did you become? Make a list. On paper. And celebrate that. Celebrate all of it. (Not into it? Just give it a try. It won’t hurt.)

The fact of the matter is, you’re not the same person you were one year ago, and with you being the creative person you are, we’re betting that the growth you experienced can be seen even in the projects you worked on last year.

promo_2016_web_ads_march11_300x220On that note, today marks the official launch of the 2016 Promotion & Marketing Design Awards, HOW’s longest-running design competition (since 1988!). It’s the only award that specifically recognizes outstanding promotion design work. The team here at HOW is particularly fond of this competition because so often we see the highly creative and effective promotion work you’re out there creating make quite the impact—and we want to recognize that.

Does some of your best work from the past year take the form of a killer annual report for a client? A beautiful website to promote your business? An invitation for your best friend’s wedding? Or maybe it’s a pro-bono poster project, a business card created for a photographer, or your own student design portfolio. Whatever form it takes, if it’s promotional design work that you’re proud of (and if it was released after March 22, 2015 because rules) then we can’t wait to see it.

In case you didn’t know, the BEST OF SHOW winner scores a free trip to HOW DESIGN LIVE 2017 (includes: round-trip airfare from the same city, hotel and conference registration for one person), plus an award to be presented at the conference. This year’s conference offers the creative inspiration to refuel your passion for your work combined with the practical knowledge you need to achieve and advance in your career. And it’s no surprise that at the largest gathering of creative professionals and designers, you will also have ample opportunity to network with the best and brightest speakers, industry-leading companies and your peers.

Plus, all winners of the 2016 Promotion & Marketing Design Awards will see their work in the Fall 2016 issue of HOW magazine. (Check out last year’s online winner’s gallery, and learn about the other prizes here.)

We invite you to enter by the early-bird deadline, March 11, and as you reflect on 2015, allow us to help you celebrate you and your best work.