CFC 2013 Day 3 Hands-On Workshops: Monday June 24

CFC 2013 logoDay 3 Half Day Workshops:  Positioning and Content Marketing

There is still space still available for the in-depth, hands-on half-day sessions with Ilise Benun and Mark O’Brien.

Monday (6/24) Morning Workshop w/ Ilise Benun: Determine Your Positioning and Find Your Target Market. You will walk out of this hands-on session with your positioning statement and a market to focus it on.

Monday (6/24) Afternoon Workshop w/ Mark O’Brien, CEO of and author of A Web Site That Works: You Don’t Know What You Know: Develop Your Content Strategy. You will walk out of this hands-on session knowing what your content is. (No more, “I don’t know what to say!”)

If you do both of these workshops, you’ll be ready to start implementing as soon as you get home! No more procrastinating the marketing! Huge value for the price: $99.

You can sign up on site or in advance:

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