Changes in photography & writing

Ilise BenunYesterday, I did a free mentoring session with a journalist who no longer has a job and is trying to figure out what to do with his writing.

It’s a challenge for many writers, as it is for editorial photographers, to figure out what to do as the media environment changes.

My advice to this writer was to focus on something: local news or a topic, then go out and find the people/companies/organizations who need that content and are willing to pay for it.

I also advised him to look first at the needs of the market as it changes. For example, in a post yesterday on ASMP’s Strictly Business blog, veteran photographer, Rosh Sillars, writes, “No matter how the future of journalism shakes out, the need to tell stories with photographs will always be a part of the picture.”  He goes on to recommend that photographers consider doing video. (Read the rest here.)

Stock photography is another option to consider. Our partner,, offers a simple way for photographers to sell their images online. (And CEO, Allen Murabayashi, will be blogging here soon, as well as speaking at the Creative Freelancer Conference 2011 in Chicago.)

What needs are you seeing in the market that journalists and photographers can be moving toward?

BTW: Sillars is also the author of “The Linked Photographer’s Guide to Online Marketing and Social Media.”

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