Cold-Calling Bingo!

Tom TumbushNeed motivation to do your research calls? Worried about rejection? Make it a game!

Yeah, yeah, I know you’ve heard this one before. But I’m not talking about “giving yourself a point for each ‘no’ you get.” Let’s make it a real game with this handy Cold-Calling Bingo card.

Here’s how the game works: grab your calling list and your Bingo card and start dialing. Each time you get stuck, mark or cover the square that matches the situation. For example, if the person who answers won’t connect you to a decision maker, cover the square that says “Can’t get past receptionist.”

Play continues until you have a straight line in any direction: vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. I leave it up to you whether or not you shout “BINGO!” to the prospect on the other end of the phone line. (Who knows…it may revive the conversation.)

Use it on your own or challenge another freelancer to see who can get a row first. Better yet, see who can cover a full card! Just don’t get so involved in the game that you’re disappointed when the person you’re calling is actually interested in hiring you. That, after all, is the prize you’re really playing for, and this is a fun way to help you stay positive and get the results you want faster.

Click Here to download your Cold-Calling Bingo card now!

Cold-Calling Bingo was created by Tom N. Tumbusch of WordStreamCopy, specializing in crisp, memorable copy for green businesses and the creative agencies that serve them. When you need copy that creates action, visit

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