Do you have a map for 2011?

Ilise BenunOver on the Strictly Business blog the other day, there was a post by photographer, Jenna Close, (who specializes in imagery for the alternative energy market) about the importance of business planning for photographers (and other creative freelancers). Here’s a snippet:

Your map doesn’t have to be minutely detailed or formatted like a standard business plan (mine isn’t), but it should set a clear direction in which to start, a clear end goal toward which you aim and have a few progress markers set in between.  That’s the forethought part of the equation.  Once you have this worked out you need to allow for change.

And by the way…if you need a marketing map for 2011, check out the 2011 Marketing Mentor Marketing Plan + Calendar — it syncs with your Google, iCal and Outlook calendars.