Do you need a conversation starter?

Do you find it hard to talk to people at networking events?

Having a purpose at a networking event (besides networking) can make it easier to talk to people. If you’re shy, it can make you more comfortable.

That’s why I love Stephanie Cockerl’s approach at the Freelancers Union event, Speed Networking: Practice Your 10-Word Blurb, that I did with Dyana Valentine in June. She had a purpose.

In Stephanie’s words:

I ordered free business cards with different sentences on the back.  The event would be the ideal venue to test out which business card design would be the most effective in getting my message across.  Plus, it gave me a topic of conversation to approach people with.

My business, nextSTEPH, focuses on blog design and development and SEO. The sentences on the back of the business cards were:

• "Is your blog out of the box?"
• "Need help getting found online?"
• "What happens after they leave?"

Here is an image of the cards on my blog. By the end of the evening there was no question which design was the clear winner: “Need help getting found online?”

I’m glad I attended the event. It gave me the ammunition I need to successfully navigate the ever changing scene of networking. Plus, the bonus was that I was able to do some market research and get two leads as well! I have added those two prospects to my mailing list and I am currently speaking with one of them about SEO work.

Special thanks to Stephanie Cockerl from nextSTEPH. If you want to know how to set up your blog for search engine success, check out her Market Your Blog eCourse.

What conversation starter do you use at networking events?


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