Email newsletters = New clients

Ilise Benun on your online marketing planNeed to generate new business? Send out an an email newsletter.

That’s how Toronto-based designer (and Marketing Mentor client) Sherri Gallowitz of G Strategic, got 2 new client in her target market.

And it’s only been 4 months since she started sending out a monthly email newsletter to her nonprofit sector clients and prospects. But so far, it’s working. So here are Sherri’s suggestions for getting started:

  1. Don’t rush into it but don’t put it off forever either. Sherri waited to build up her reputation and some work so she’d have content ready to go.
  2. Do it right, learn from others, find out best practices.
  3. Think about your audience. They need a reason to open it so include something useful. For example, I recently included a link to a Pinterest collection of infographics by Beth Kanter that was inspiring to me in my latest newsletter which was all about infographics to clarify data in a visual way. I could tell they liked it thru the analytics. (We love Emma for email marketing software.)
  4. Try to have a few prepared in advance because it does take time to develop the content.
  5. Use your newsletter to push your business in directions you want it to go. That’s what I’m doing with infographics and it’s working.

Listen to my podcast interview with Sherri about how she uses the email analytics to secure a new project.

See her newsletter here. And read more about how she did it here.