Finding your focus

Ilise BenunIt’s Marketing Monday — that means you have another opportunity to work ON your business, before the post-holiday rush of client requests sets in (and especially if there is no rush of client requests.)

For my Freelance Column for the next issue of HOW, I’m answering a question people are constantly asking: how exactly to choose a target market.

Here’s my latest angle. Tell me what you think….

Think of finding your focus as an evolution.

To focus on a market is to begin to explore an industry, to begin to understand the challenges of the market and the struggles of the people who make up that market. You listen for what the marketplace needs, the problems they face and offer up resources to help.

You start out broad, perhaps with healthcare technology (a growing area at the moment), and with time you start to notice an overlooked need or a new need that you can satisfy. It may be a tiny niche you didn’t even know about when you first started thinking about the market. That’s what you’re looking for. You are well positioned to slip right in.

You begin an outreach campaign, taking a step toward them to see how they respond. You don’t give up quickly or easily when the response is quiet or even silence. You assess the responsiveness of the people, slowing turning more and more attention to the most responsive ones, which eventually becomes your focus.

What do you think? Does this make sense?

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2 thoughts on “Finding your focus

  1. Ajeva

    I guess, here’s where someone will say ‘ persist…until you succeed ‘ and sadly, many people give up on their first tries when it took Thomas Edison more than a thousand times to make the light bulb work. Finding your focus can simply start with what you’re really passionate about — and planning from there. Cheers!

  2. Ben Joseph

    Market is keep evolving, so does it’s techniques. it’s is not easy to stay up to date every time. Planning and execution are two different things, I always keep two scenario in my mind one for positive situation and second for negative situation.