Focus means you know where to fish

Ilise Benun on your online marketing planThere’s an excellent discussion going on over at the CFC LinkedIn group between CFC veteran, Tiffany Estes, and Luke Mysse in response to Tiffany’s question, “How much work in the pipeline does it take to keep you sane?”

Out of it came this little bulleted list about focus from none other than our beloved Luke:Luke Mysse

It’s very hard to focus because we fear that we will miss out. The truths..

  • focus means you know where to fish for work.
  • you can have a couple markets, not just one
  • you can still work on other projects even outside of those focus markets.
  • you’re not stuck in that niche market forever.
  • you don’t have to reposition your whole company until you get traction. My website is still very vague and doesn’t say “manufacturing service.” But my tactics to reach those companies are very much about them.

If you’re having trouble finding your focus, I’m starting a new group to help find your positioning and apply it to your web site. (For details on that, email me at with “positioning group” in the subject line.)

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