Free Report: Freelancer’s Online Marketing Blueprint

If you liked Allen Murabayashi’s How to Fail at Marketing session at CFC, then check out the latest “free report” released yesterday by PhotoShelter, the company he founded: The Freelancer’s Online Marketing Blueprint.Allen Murabayashi

Freelancers are constantly challenged to balance self promotion with the demands of client projects in order to keep growing their businesses. Usually, when one priority needs attention, the other falls to the wayside. That’s no way to run a sustainable business.

So, we decided to write this e-book to teach freelancers how to use the latest online marketing tactics to create a constant pipeline of new client opportunities. It’s packed full of “how to” research, lots of tools, and actionable strategies that freelancers can implement immediately.

Bottom line – this guide is essential reading if you care about generating more project work.

See the complete table of contents here. Or just go ahead and download it here: The Freelancer’s Online Marketing Blueprint.

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