Free Report on Email Marketing (for Image-Driven Businesses) and Emma have partnered to publish the latest free report on email marketing.

It’s targeted to photographers, whose email marketing is image-based, which is why so many of the ideas and tips and examples are relevant to designers and illustrators as well. (Download your complimentary copy here.)

Here’s an excerpt:

Email marketing can be a relatively non-intrusive method of putting your work in front of those who might want to hire you (but need to know that you exist), and a way to let past clients see your recent work.

What kinds of emails should I send?
In general, email marketing can be broken down into a few categories. Knowing which one you want to use will help you choose an ESP, a template, a tone for your copy, and which images to include.

The intent of a newsletter is to stay in touch with past clients or your broader network. Even the format of a newsletter varies considerably. The general idea, however, is that you are catching clients up on what you’ve done and letting them know what’s coming next; and you’re doing it regularly, as if you were putting out a periodical. Content is usually kept short, linking to a website or landing page for people to learn more.

These are emails promoting a product, service, or event; they often contain a discount component. Promos are great for “lead gen,”  because people are likely to forward these types of emails on to friends and coworkers they think might be interested. Promos generally have very little text and link to a landing page on a
website that can collect someone’s info.

Event Announcement
Similar to a promo, this type of email’s function is simply to let people know that something is coming up that they might be interested in.

The guide also includes:

  • 8 email marketing tips direct from photo buyers
  • 10 questions to ask before hitting send
  • A  list of email service providers, what they cost, and how to pick one
  • Tips to engage an audience and establish a consistent brand

Download your complimentary copy here and spread the word…