Friday Afternoon Marketing?

Ilise BenunNext week, I’ll be introducing another freelance blogger (and CFC veteran), Lidia Varesco-Racoma, but I wanted to plant a little seed today by linking to one of Lidia’s recent posts about Friday Afternoon Marketing.

If you don’t know what to do on your marketing day, check out Lidia’s list of marketing tasks (plus the special logo she created, all of which you can see here.)

It doesn’t really matter what day you do it (recently I wrote about Marketing Monday). What matters, of course, is that you do it consistently. And having a “day” dedicated to it is a good start.

Anyone doing this religiously?

BTW: If you need help fitting marketing into your calendar, check out Marketing Mentor’s Grow Your Business Marketing Plan + Calendar.

One thought on “Friday Afternoon Marketing?

  1. lidia varesco design

    Thanks for the introduction and link to my blog post, Ilise! I was just working on a Friday Afternoon Marketing task: developing regular sections for my blog and creating corresponding icons for them (yes, I love designing logos for my blog).

    I love the synergy of our posts. I think we both agree that scheduling marketing time into your day helps you stay focused and productive (something I originally learned from you, I think!) I’ve also been tweeting my marketing tasks using the hashtag #FriMktg. If anyone else wants to join in, it could a way to keep each other motivated.

    I look forward to contributing to the CFC blog!