Getting your clients to pay more

I’ve been trying to develop an idea lately to explain what you have to do to get your clients to pay the higher prices you want to charge.

Last week, on one of my Beginner Marketing Group calls, I took another stab at articulating it. If you have 2 minutes, listen to this.

And if you want to read about it, read today’s post from the Marketing Mix Blog.

One thought on “Getting your clients to pay more

  1. Jason Leister

    The thing that jumped out at me most from your audio clip was that the question asker mentioned that they don’t FEEL like an expert.

    Feelings can really screw with your business, so as I see it, you have two options:

    1. Learn to work despite of your feelings.
    2. Work on changing your feelings.

    You can’t argue with what you’re feeling. Feelings just ARE.

    You CAN control the actions you take.

    It sounds like the real key for the question asker is to look at why you’re feeling “less than” or “not worthy” and then figure out how you can keep those feelings from sabotaging your success.