Have you finished your follow up?

It’s Marketing Monday again. And today’s focus is follow up, whether you attended last month’s Creative Freelancer Conference or that stack of cards on your desk is from another recent event. (You know who you are.)

Do you realize that not following up with a contact you meet is like not watering a seed you went to the trouble of planting and that would otherwise sprout into an apple tree (or a fig tree, like the one in my front yard).

I joined Jim Blasingame of Small Business Advocate last week to discuss follow up. Two 10 minute interviews are available here on the Marketing Mentor Podcast:

  • How to follow up
    Listen here for motivation and tips to make sure you follow up with new contacts.
  • How much is too much?
    Listen here to find out best practices for follow up, and learn how much is too much.

Feel free to post in the comments your “marketing to do” list for this week so we can hold you accountable.

2 thoughts on “Have you finished your follow up?

  1. Alisa Bonsignore

    Yes and no. Yes, I’ve kept in touch with people through email and Twitter. No because I still have a stack of notes that need to be written and mailed (you know how I am with the handwritten correspondence). But with any luck, this week will lighten up and I’ll be able to get back to these things as opposed to being nose-to-the-grindstone on client stuff.

  2. Jean Feingold

    Yes, today I emailed the potential client whose CEO I met a few weeks ago (and plan to meet him at their grand opening next week).

    But now I’m too busy for extra marketing because a long lost client returned today with a three article assignment due in three weeks. This is a quarterly magazine so this much future work is expected every three months.