Holiday Card Design Gives Nod to Thanksgivukkah

When the entire world simultaneously discovered that Thanksgiving and Hanukkah would share a celebration date, traditional media and the Twittersphere alike exploded with puns, jokes and an appropriate mash-up of names. Enter Thanksgivukkah, the festival of lights and stuffing.

Although everyone who participated in this year’s Thanksgivukkah will be long dead before the next occurrence 70,000 years from now (and you thought having a birthday on Leap Year was a drag), I know what you’re thinking: If only this rare and special holiday had a greeting card to commemorate the re-dedication of the holy Temple in Jerusalem while also expressing thanks for a mouth-watering spread and hours of football…

Colle + McVoy calendar card design

Luckily, one creative firm was inspired enough to fill the hybrid holiday void. In its annual holiday card design, Colle + McVoy pays homage to eight non-traditional holidays inspired by throwing together 16 typical celebrations. Sick of handpicking a special card for mom and dad each Mother’s Day and Father’s Day? Now you can bestow them each with the letter-pressed Mo-Fa’s Day card between the May 11 and June 15 send dates and be covered. Are you always confusing the date for Memorial Day with the date for Labor Day? Now there’s Laborial Day, which spans from May 26 to September 1.

Colle + McVoy holiday card design

Each of the cards features two images that can be folded and opened into four different combinations. For example, Cupid and a Mexican character donning a sombrero make a for some pretty funny dual images. On the card, which bids recipients, “Feliz Valentino de Mayo,” the message cleverly states, “You make my heart sizzle, which makes me think of fajitas. Mmmm, fajitas!”

Valentino de Mayo card design 1

Valentino de Mayo card design 2

Valentino de Mayo card design 3

Other curious celebrations include Holiyear’s, Thankulations, Thanksoween, Justaday and Ground Patty’s Day. The best part about the set, however, is the introduction card that explains the holidays and the reasoning for the hybrids:

Let’s Holibrate! It’s tough to shine during the holidays. With all the gifts, cards and merrymaking, the competition for your loved ones’ heartstrings can be fierce. Introducing, the Holiday Mashup. … A card set that has you all set to monopolize your loved ones’ feelings when they least expect it.

And who wouldn’t say, “Cheers” to that? To find out more about the set and see how recipients interact with the cards, check out the Colle + McVoy website.

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