How a New Mom Keeps Up Her Networking

I love attending networking events. I always come away with a useful connection or an inspiring conversation.

But now that I’m a mama (of a 1-year old), my schedule is busier and I can’t hit as many networking events as I used to.

However, the good thing about networking is that it doesn’t always have to happen in the usual way. If you keep an open mind, you can find opportunities in unexpected places.

For example, a few unique ways I’ve made connections or found new clients:

  • In an Etsy group: a fellow crafter was seeking a graphic design referral for one of her customers. This turned into a great long-term client.
  • On a playdate: a mom friend happened to see my website and mentioned that her husband’s business has design needs.
  • In my office building: one of my office neighbors, who sees the work-in-progress I post on my wall, gave me a referral to a friend at a local organization in need of a new branding program.

I’ve also met potential clients and collaborators at coffee shops, while exhibiting at art shows and on shopping trips.

My little one may have changed my networking style, but he’s inspired me to do more non-traditional networking. And yes, I now keep a stash of business cards in my diaper bag!

How have you networked or found new clients in non-traditional ways?