How can you differentiate yourself?

There are an awful lot of people out there who do what you do, right?

So how do you (first) find what’s different about you and (second) highlight it for your prospects and clients so they can choose you?

That’s a question I answered recently on the “The Lab,”Agency Access’ Blog. Here’s an excerpt….

It may sound paradoxical, but to find what’s different about you, start by looking at your target market. What do they need that you have? What do they value that you provide?

Your points of differentiation spring from your answers to these questions. This can be in a variety of realms, including your process (how you work), the quality of your work or the focus of your work, such as subject matter expertise.

But it has to be important to them. So, for example, if you’re good with color but that doesn’t matter to them or the work they need done, find something else to point out.

Read on to see how Nat Clymer, portrait photographer, demonstrates his point of differentiation.

How do you do it?