How do your clients “find a creative”?

How do your clients find a creative when they need one? (And they usually need one fast.)

Here’s one way they could:

According to its creator, Logan Seale, “Find a Creative is an advertising system for visual creative professionals that’s based around the Find a Creative app, available in Apple’s app store.  The app is linked to our member database and can search for any type of professional, from movie director to children’s illustrator.

It uses all native iOS components so your samples appear quickly and display well. It can search any country, as well as find a provider closest to the user.  The app allows the user to set up favorites for future reference so that it can act as a limitless creative source rolodex.

While a basic membership is free, it only displays your URL, email and basic category of work. Having your work display directly on the app is less than $5/month and members have complete control of what’s there and can change anytime they want, for as many times as they want.

With over a billion searches made on mobile devices made this year, it’s time to be found and seen.”

Check out their Facebook page, ‘like’ them and sign up, at least for the freebie. You can’t afford not to!

P.S. If that link doesn’t work, try to paste this into your browser:

3 thoughts on “How do your clients “find a creative”?

  1. Shaun Hensher | Toronto Graphic Designer

    Hmmm… I’ll check it out, but I’m skeptical. The little bit of research I’ve done around the subject indicates that most look for creatives (or at least designers) first through word of mouth, then social media (esp. LinkedIn) and Google. In practice, it seems to pan out this way too, with word of mouth having a huge margin on everything else.