How to Craft a Marketing Plan You’ll Enjoy Implementing

Ilise Benun on your online marketing planMore notes taken at CFC 2012 by freelance writer, Alison Harrison of Alison Harrison Communications.

In the latest podcast, we talked about the supremely simple marketing plan she developed based on Ed Gandia’s talk, “How to Craft a Marketing Plan You’ll Enjoy Implementing.”

Apparently, in a short hour, Ed changed her perspective on what marketing is in the first place — turns out, it’s not the huge, unapproachable, overwhelming thing she’d never get right.

He emphasized finding a plan that fits with your personality, your clients, your schedule. Otherwise, you won’t do it.

He focused on finding practical things to get started with, which she did, as soon as she got home from CFC:

  • Step 1: She made a list of what could happen if she didn’t do the marketing. so that the marketing becomes the way to avoid all that pain. The result for Alison was to realize: “Maybe this marketing stuff is more integral to my business than I realized.”
  • Step 2: She looked her 5 most recent clients and analyzed how she attracted them — where they came from.
  • Step 3: She then looked at her 10 most recent clients – ranked them based on quality to see how she attracted your A list clients.

“Then,” said, Ed, “Do more of that.” So she is.

Listen to the podcast here to find out where her best clients were coming from and how she translated that into a marketing plan she is actually enjoying implementing.

What marketing tools do you actually enjoy and bring in your best clients?

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