How to find clients outside your network (Part 2)

Here’s part 2 of last week’s post on how to find clients outside your network by freelance writer, Gina Blitsten.

In yesterday’s post, I identified why it’s so important to expand your client base beyond your network of clients and contacts, friends and family. Today, I’ll focus on exactly how to  diversify your network.

Take these measures to expand your client base:

  • Market your abilities: Make your knowledge and abilities known! Create a blog, Facebook page, Twitter account or other social media channel on which you can share your expertise with an interested audience. Make a point of connecting with new people. There’s no better way to spread awareness of your business far and wide than on the almighty internet!
  • Always be learning: In addition to staying informed of the latest industry news, trends and practices, many of the conferences and classes you can take present opportunities to meet new people interested in the sort of work you do.
  • Take a risk: There are plenty of networking opportunities out there, especially for someone as creative as a freelancer has to be. Make a point of going out and meeting new people to expand both your contact list and your list of potential clients.

Freelancers may start off by working for those we know but our portfolios and businesses won’t grow far if we don’t venture out of our immediate network to procure new and diverse work. Cast a wider net for clients by offering an informed and agile skill set wherever we see an opportunity.

How do you diversify your clients and portfolio? Share your strategies in the comment section.