How to get clients through email marketing

Deidre RienzoIf you want (or need!) to find new clients who can afford your services, there is one marketing tool that is hands down the most cost efficient and most effective — it’s email marketing.  And I have the proof!

Since January 2012, I have carefully selected and introduced myself to 90 prospects via email, using a simple introductory email message. These prospects had never heard of me before but they are in my target market (designers) and I tailored my message to each one and included a link to my web site, that is also tailored to my target market (see that here).

Here are the results: Not only have I made some great new connections but I have actually gotten 9 projects so far! Four have been direct from the prospect, and 5 have been referred to me from the prospect.

That’s a 10% success rate!

It’s also 9 projects I would not have gotten without email marketing—and these 9 projects comprise 39% of my income this year. Wow.

that means email marketing has resulted in lots of extra income this year! Plus, one of the referred clients provided my biggest project of the year.

After this quick tally, I think it’s safe to say email marketing works. It’s painless, fun and results in new projects!

Are you doing email marketing? If not, September is a great time to start. The trick is knowing who to reach out to. If you don’t know that and you haven’t positioned yourself for them, it doesn’t work.

If you want 39% new income, but don’t know who you should be reaching out to, there are 2 resources to help:

  • The Designer’s Guide to Marketing & Pricing by Ilise Benun and Peleg Top, which will walk you through the process of choosing your target markets.
  • Marketing Mentor’s new “Positioning” group which takes place online and is very affordable. You can email Ilise for details about the one that starts in September.

Anyone else doing email marketing? Is it working? If so, tell us. If not, tell us that too!

2 thoughts on “How to get clients through email marketing

  1. Salome

    Hi Deidre

    I am requesting for your help on how to get clients through email marketing. I do part time marketing for a ticketing company. During the day, I do a full time job in a very strict business environment. Am only able to do marketing for the ticketing company in the evening after work. I have tried email marketing but I haven’t got any single prospects for the last 3 months. Am amazed on how you were able to get 9 projects through email marketing. I really need your advise on how I can be able to get even a single corporate client via email marketing. Thank you.