Getting clients through LinkedIn (part 1)

I enjoyed many of the presentations from International Freelancers Day last Friday. Here are some of my notes from one I thought was especially relevant: Steve Slaunwhite on “How to Get Clients On LinkedIn”

Why he likes LinkedIn:

  • it’s got 120 million professionals, largest professional network
  • it’s real people and accurate profiles
  • it’s all business

One (of 6) of his favorite LinkedIn Tools to build relationships:

  1. Your Profile. Make it as robust as possible. Focus on your title (the line of text under your name). Use the space to highlight your expertise. When people search, search results return your name and that title. Make it descriptive.
  2. In your Summary: give more detail, elaborate on your title.
  3. Testimonials/Recommendations are important too: the perception is that the ones on LinkedIn are credible because the writer/client has to go through hoops to post it, so they must mean it. More trusted than other testimonials. Be sure to ask clients to do it.

Your thoughts, opinions, objections?

More tomorrow….

BTW, if you missed International Freelancers Day, you can get the replay of all the sessions, but you must purchase them by this Friday, Sept. 30. More details here.

2 thoughts on “Getting clients through LinkedIn (part 1)

  1. Alisa Bonsignore

    Absolutely yes on the recommendations. LinkedIn alone won’t get you work, no matter how robust your profile, but when prospective clients Google you for more information (and lets face it, Google is your résumé), it certainly reassures them to see that people have already vetted your work. It saves them the hassle of doing a reference check and gives you an express lane to the “let’s talk business” phase of the client/consultant relationship.