How to share good (business) news

Lidia VarescoCongratulations! Your business won an award. You’ve been published in an upcoming book. One of your projects has been mentioned in the newspaper.

Don’t be shy—now is the time to share your good news!

When one of my packaging designs was recently chosen to be included in a book (you can find my news page here), I realized I don’t have a plan of action for sharing good news with clients and other members of my network. Being a major listmaker, I jotted down a list for future reference and thought I would share them with others.

Tips for sharing good (business) news

  • Write a blog post, include an image if possible
  • Tweet the good news, include a link to your blog post
  • Post an image of the award or project on your Flickr or Facebook page
  • Post on the News or Press page of your website
  • Mention it in your e-newsletter
  • Add the project to your online portfolio, include a sentence or two about the award or publication
  • For online mentions, take a screenshot for use in your portfolio or News page on your website
  • Mention it to business or networking groups you’re a member of—if they have a group page, post it there as well
  • Send a press release to local small business writers or editors
  • Send a promotional mailing, i.e. a postcard or one-sheet with details of the project and/or award
  • Last but not least, send a handwritten thank you note to the publisher or editor, expressing your gratitude for the opportunity

Am I forgetting anything?