How to Use LinkedIn (Part 1)

Ilise BenunOf all the social networking tools, I like LinkedIn best for business. Much of it remains free, though some advanced features require a subscription of $25, $50 or $100.

They keep making it better and more useful for the self employed. There was a great article in the New York Times last week about how business people are actually using the site. Here are some highlights, but you can also link to read the rest below…

“Network as if LinkedIn were a big industry trade show. Search for people you know and invite them to be part of your network. Regular users of LinkedIn say a common mistake that newcomers make is to limit their network. So how many is enough?” There are no absolutes, but Krista Canfield, a LinkedIn spokeswoman, says that 35 connections appears to be the minimum to make the viral properties of social networks truly useful.”

  1. The more content you post, the higher you come up in a search. So make sure your profile is complete and constantly be adding to it. (Here’s a trick I blogged about recently.)
  2. Ask clients and colleagues to write an endorsement for you (and the best way to write one for them first).
  3. Groups, groups, groups! That’s the best way to network online. Find groups of your prospects and dive into the conversation (or start one yourself).

Read the rest of the article in the NY Times here.

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