How’s your self confidence?

Ilise BenunI had a bit of an epiphany recently about self confidence.

As I teach creative professionals the skills and tools to grow their businesses, I am witness to the way a lack of self confidence prevents designers, writers, photographers and illustrators from pursuing the better (and often bigger) clients with real budgets.

I will elaborate on that epiphany in Monday’s free webcast, Start NOW: Your 2011 Marketing Plan and the steps it takes to develop self confidence. (Dyana Valentine will weigh in on this too and she’s learned a thing or two about confidence.)

Because without self confidence, you can’t do what it takes to grow a business, from the internally focused goal-setting, to the externally focused networking and direct outreach and, beyond that, positioning yourself as an “expert.”

In the meantime, listen for the confidence in Pam Saxon’s voice (of Saxon Design). I interviewed Pam recently and she wrote to me last week that she’s averaging 1 new client and 3 new leads every week as a result of her marketing plan. Read more and link to that interview here.

One thought on “How’s your self confidence?

  1. Ann Bernard

    Hi Ilise,

    You are absolutely right. In just about everything you try to achiever personally or professionally; your level of self-confidence will have a huge impact with not only how far you go, but whether or not you even get started. This is probably even more true for people who are creative, entrepreneurial and self-employed.

    I have created a program called The Loop of Confidence to help people develop true and impeccable self-confidence. This program is based on a lot of my experience which includes over 12 years in the Marine Corps and 5 years as an entrepreneur. I have failed many times but my impeccable self-confidence keeps me going. I believe in myself and in my success. If you ever need someone to talk to your clients about self-confidence I’d be happy to help out.