It’s Marketing Monday: what are you doing?

A lot of freelancers have started 2011 off with a marketing plan which provides the structure needed to get your marketing done.

Many of you have even adopted Marketing Monday as your day to work “on” your business instead of “in” your business.

If that’s what you’re doing today, tell us what you’re up to. It just may inspire others to do the same.

BTW: And if you thought you could do it without a plan but here we are, almost through the first month and you’re already off track, let the Marketing Mentor Marketing Plan + Calendar help you.

6 thoughts on “It’s Marketing Monday: what are you doing?

  1. Kim Dow

    I am planning to write to the following this afternoon:
    -write 1-2 blog posts
    -start organizing contact list for upcoming self promo campaign
    -work on restructuring eNewsletter layout

    Fingers crossed it all gets done!

  2. Derek Oscarson

    I’m bartering some web design in exchange for ad space on a good blog. Also, creating a pdf “coupon” that links to a landing page for a limited-time promotion. Basically instead of using a promotional code, I just hotlink the pdf coupon to a non-public landing page and email it to the recipients. Will probably format it to the iphone screen dimensions.