“Let’s get together in 2011.”

Lidia Varesco“Let’s get together (and this time, I mean it).”

If you’re like me, you regularly send or receive “Let’s get together” emails from clients and colleagues. Most of the time, these meetings never materialize because either one or both of you: 1) get preoccupied with work or 2) just forget.

After clicking send on yet another “Let’s get together” email, I decided to be more proactive and do what always works for me: make a list.

Knowing that I’m more likely to accomplish a task if I see it on paper, I started a list of “People to catch up with in January.” I included notes such as possible meeting locations or topics to discuss.

Now, the trick is to put the list where you will be reminded of it regularly—and therefore more likely to accomplish it. How to do this? Set a reminder in your task or calendar app, scribble a list on paper, or stick post-it notes on the wall—use whatever method works for you. Personally, I use the to-do list application Remember the Milk, which syncs nicely with the calendar on my office computer as well as my mobile phone.

Why is this so important? Regularly meeting in-person with clients and colleagues is crucial to the growth of your business. And though some appointments may seem purely social, that lunch with a former co-worker could produce a job lead—or at the very least, a new idea or inspiration for a project.

Now, start your lists!

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